Giới Thiệu

The central concept for the corporate logo is “heart to heart communication.” The soft logotype expresses “the joy of eating” and “appreciation for a healthy mind and body.” With the use of lowercase letters, the logo also conveys “kindness,” “warmth” and “approachability.”

The traditional hexagon at the top right of the logo represents Kikkoman's dedication to harnessing both “tradition” and “innovation.”

The corporate color, orange, represents “good health,” “youthfulness” and “vitality.” It evokes images of the sun, flames, earth and a good harvest, while at the same time providing a feeling of liberation and stimulating the appetite.

In a time of constant change, some things remain the same.

Tasty encounters and the enjoyment and fun that come from sitting down to a meal with family and friends all combine to create delicious memories.

Our aim of filling the world with the joys of food so as to give people these delicious memories is encapsulated in our corporate slogan.

The corporate slogan, “seasoning your life,” contains the core message that Kikkoman “helps you savor the joys of life.” It suggests that, as Kikkoman seasons and enriches your food, it also brings fulfillment to life as a whole.